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Best wishes from CIMC AIRMARREL!


Air Marrel celebrates its 40th anniversary!


On October 05th, 2017 CIMC Air Marrel opened its doors to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The perfect opportunity to offer demonstration of our historical know how, as well as our latest technical improvements.
Thanks to all customers, representatives and suppliers who shared this time with us!

CIMC finalized acquisition of Air Marrel


October 28th 2013, the French Saint Etienne commercial court made the formal judgment through public hearings and debates: CIMC Group is the final buyer of Air Marrel.

This means CIMC Airport Facilities (Business unit of CIMC group) had successfully finalized the acquisition of French company- Air Marrel, and would officially take over its business since November 1st, 2013.


Germany Ziegler project completed the handover ceremony


Following the Asset Purchase Agreement signed on November 7th, CIMC finally signed the Handover Confirmation with Ziegler’s bankruptcy administrator Dr. Kubler at Ziegler headquarter in Giengen on December 13th.


Hydrogen fuel cells could enable airports to reduce their ground emissions to almost zero


Hydrogen fuel cells could enable airports to reduce their ground emissions to almost zero, but ground-handlers and airport operators await a convincing business case that would bring the technology beyond the tipping point

Airports may be able to improve their environmental credentials by switching to reduced-emissions ground support equipment (GSE), with several manufacturers trialling hydrogen fuel-cell-powered vehicles.


CIMC group finalized acquisition of Germany Ziegler Group


On 7th November 2013, CIMC Group signed the Assets Purchasing Agreement in Dresden, Germany for acquisition of German company Albert Ziegler GmbH & Co KG.

By 55 million euros (actual pay will based on the adjustment cash, debt and inventory changes), CIMC took the ownership its headquarters in Gingen, Germany and the 9 subsidiaries in Germany and overseas.