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CIMC finalized acquisition of Air Marrel

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October 28th 2013, the French Saint Etienne commercial court made the formal judgment through public hearings and debates: CIMC Group is the final buyer of Air Marrel.

This means CIMC Airport Facilities (Business unit of CIMC group) had successfully finalized the acquisition of French company- Air Marrel, and would officially take over its business since November 1st, 2013.

Air Marrel developed from Airport Department of French company MARREL group which can be traced back to 1983. Air Marrel, headquartered in Saint-Etienne, Loire, France, is the world’s top forth manufacturer of aircraft cargo loader, who has a good reputation in the industry with the mature technology, excellent performance, and complete product range. In addition to the core product of cargo loader, the company also owns cargo transporter and other series of GSE product line.

The acquisition will help CIMC Airport Facilities to enrich the existing product line of airport equipments, improve the overall competiveness and promote a rapid development of airport business through collaboration.