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Instructions de stockage des loaders & transporteurs CIMC-AIR MARREL


Chers Partenaires, Suivant les mesures prises par les autorités de la plupart des pays de limitation des vols nationaux et internationaux, vous pouvez être amenés à immobiliser vos équipements pendant une période prolongée. Nous avons préparé une notice d'instructions en anglais pour vous guider durant cette opération.

General recommendations : 1) Short-term storage (for 3 to 6 month) a) Precaution to be taken at beginning of storage period • Start up the unit and test it with special storage oil (réf. DCE 54 B OMD 40). • All cylinders must be retracted. When this is not possible (steering cylinder for instance) cover the piston rods with long-lasting grease and pack material or paper. • Disconnect the batteries. • Cover the driver’s station of the bridge. • Grease all parts that are not protected by paint or an anti-corrosion finish. b) During storage (monthly) • Check for visible leakage. • Check the oil level of the diesel engine. • Check the oil level of hydraulic tank. • Check the level of water in batteries. • Check the general rusting conditions of the various components. c) At the end of the storage period • Change the hydraulic oil and fill with oil related to the place where the unit is going to be used. • Check (manually) that the solenoid valve spools are moving freely. If not, remove the solenoid, clean and grease the rods and check again. • Uncover and clean all covered pistons rods. • Clean all switch contacts. • Check all levels of oil, fuel and water. • Remove all extra grease. • Connect the batteries after checking the level and the charge condition. • Check the tyres inflation pressure and inflate it if necessary. • Check the general working conditions, test every safety device. 2) Long-term storage : Proceed as above but remove the front wheels, after putting the loader on wedges. CAUTION: Careful maintenance and greasing are the best insurance against time.

By respecting these recommendations, you will help to reduce the risks of damage linked to medium or long storage, and allow you to restart your activity in good conditions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on this procedure.

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