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LAM 7000 DP/9

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7000 kg capacity (15400 Lbs.)

LAM7000 DP/-9 is the best seller loaders among our wide range of equipment.

It offers all features operators may dream of (hydraulic adjustment of side guides, powered side loading, load rotation on main platform, load side shift on front platform).


A special attention has been given to the maintenance cost (no chain adjustment, life time lubricated bearings, easy tracking of any hydraulic line, etc…)


LAM7000DP/-9 is composed of 3 models according to the type of aircrafts and doors height and width:


LAM7000DP/B9 is our standard lower deck model 96” capable of handling standard pallets lengthwise


LAM7000DP/L9 is our wide lower deck model 125″ capable of handling standard pallets lengthwise and cross 125″ for B767-ER wide pallet door and to perform rotation of 10’ pallets.


LAM7000DP/MDL9 is our universal lower and main deck loader to handle 10’ pallets lengthwise and crosswise for any doorsill form the small BAe 146 QT to the main deck if a B747 at 5 550 mm.


Technical data sheet available upon request